Winners at The 13th Chinese Film Media Awards

Updated: 2013-08-20 10:56


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Best Picture

Winner: Lethal Hostageby Er Cheng


McDull·Pork of Musicby Brian Tse

Touch of the Lightby Rong-ji Chang

One Tree Three Lives Niehby Angie Chen

Feng Shuiby Jing Wang

Best Director

Winner: Qunshu Gao (Beijing Blues)


Angie Chen (One Tree Three Lives Nieh)

Er Cheng (Lethal Hostage)

Jing Wang (Feng Shui)

Brian Tse (McDull·Pork of Music)

Best Actor

Winner: Tony Leung (Cold War)


Jianbin Chen (People Mountain People Sea)

Bo Huang (Design Of Death)

Fengyi Zhang (White Deer Plain)

Nick Cheung (Night Fall)

Best Actress

Winner: Bingyan Yan (Feng Shui)


Lun-mei Guey (GF*BF)

Lei Hao (Mystery)

Yung-yung Chang (Touch of the Light)

Sammi Cheng (Romancing In Thin Air)

Best Screenplay

Winner: Liu Zhenyun (Back to 1942)


Er Cheng (Lethal Hostage)

Ryker Chan, Jevons Au Man-Kit, Wai Kar fai, Nai-Hoi Yau (Romancing In Thin Air)

Nan Wu (Feng Shui)

Yang Ya-Che (GF*BF)

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Chapman To (Diva)


Gang Chen (Feng Shui)

Gang Jiao (Feng Shui)

Xuejian Li (Back to 1942)

Gang Wu (White Deer Plain)

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Lieh Li (Touch of the Light)


Amber Kuo (Love)

Xuefeng Lu (The Golden Child)

Xi Qi (Mystery)

Ni Yan (11 flowers)

Best New Director

Winner: Er Cheng (Lethal Hostage)


Wu Qi (Liu Ru Shi)

Haofeng Xu (The Sword Identity)

Rong-ji Chang (Touch of the Light)

Cheuk Cheung (My Way)

Best New Performer

Winner: Xi Qi (Mystery)


Xin Cheng Guan (Useless Man)

Pei Jia Huang (Cha cha for Twins)

Huang Yu-Xiang (Touch of the Light)

Li-xian Zhang (Beijing Blues)

Actor of the Year

Winner: Ye Lou


Xiaogang Feng

Qunshu Gao

Fei Xie

Zheng Xu

Film of the Year

Winner:Back to 1942


Lost In Thailand

Beijing Blues

Feng Shui

Outstanding Actor

Winner: Yihong Duan (White Deer Plain)


Shaofeng Feng (Double Xposure)

Shawn Yue (Love in The Buff)

Mo Zhang (Lethal Hostage)

Mark Chao (Caught in the Web)

Outstanding Actress

Winner: Angela Baby (First Time)


Lun-mei Guey (GF*BF)

Amber Kuo (Love)

Mini Yang (Love in The Buff)

Kitty Zhang (White Deer Plain)

Outstanding Picture

Winner: Lost In Thailand



Love in The Buff 

Cold War 

Back to 1942

Outstanding Performance

Winner: Berlin Chen (Snowfall in Taipei)


Mavis Fan (The Silent War)

Eddie Peng (Cold War)

Angela Baby (First Time)

Hsiao-chuan Chang (GF*BF)