Trending news across China, Sept 16

Updated: 2013-09-16 11:02


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Valuable wood dispute

Ebony found in the hirst by a farmer in Jiangxi province is estimated to be worth several hundred million yuan, China Central Television reported. The local government of Yongxiu county, where the ebony was found, however, claimed that the ebony should be owned by the State, which sparked hot debate on the Internet. Who do you think should own the ebony? (

Luxury policewear

Trending news across China, Sept 16

How much do you think the latest explosion-proof outfit worn by explosive ordnance disposal policemen costs? It's 300,000 yuan. It took a reporter five minutes to put on a 25-kilo explosion-proof kit, even with the help of two policemen. The Chinese regimental police showed their latest equipment in a drill in Qingdao on Sep 10, according to a report of Qingdao Evening News. Also in the show is a homemade sniper rifle that is 110 cm in length, 6.4 kilos in weight and has a range of 2,000 meters. (

Accident in the air

Enjoy terrifying, high-altitude recreational facilities? If you do, please pay attention to your safety lock before you get started. Three people in Xi'an, Shaanxi province were thrown out of their seats while enjoying the rides, People's Daily Online reported. One of the three said the accident may be a result of their unchecked safety lock. The three people are still in the hospital, one of them in the ICU.

Deflated duck

Trending news across China, Sept 16

The green rubber duck exhibited in Yuyuantan Lake in Beijing to promote environmental awareness has been removed because of air leakage after a heavy rain last Thursday, Beijing Daily reported. The duck has attracted many people after it was put in the lake on Sept 5. Some netizens said that it's really a cheap copy of the original giant yellow duck. (

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