Trending news across China, Sept 16

Updated: 2013-09-16 11:02


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Animal teats

Trending news across China, Sept 16

A set of photos from an old Chinese cartoon which feature animals sporting bare human breasts caused an online sensation, with some questioning whether TV censorship then was too lax. The animation, made in 1993, was about animals in lactating animals volunteering to breastfeed orphans from an earthquake-striken area. (

Fake Lamborghini

Trending news across China, Sept 16

A man from Chongqing who hawked a car he customized to look like a Lamborghini, a luxury car that sells for 98,000 yuan, ended up with an 800 yuan fine. Police requested he dismantle the car's sleek exterior on Monday. He bought the second-hand car for 30,000 yuan and made the changes it for two thousand yuan. (

Sneaky car plates

Getting one license plate number of Beijing has always been considered difficult. Some people find a way of making money by collecting license plate numbers of scrapped vehicles. One woman, for example, collected more than 2,700. Recently people engaged in this activity have written off more than 4,000 license plate numbers after they were told by the police that many of the numbers under their names owe large amounts of unpaid road tolls and are even involved in tax evasion, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Nude protest

A Russian student stripped during a sit-in protest Sunday on a busy street in Haikou, Hainan province, making jaw-dropping passers-by and cars stop. The student, identified as Limag, refused to leave although his friends tried to talk to him. Police took him away when his actions caused a traffic jam. (


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