Trending news across China on Sept 13

Updated: 2013-09-13 09:57


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Can you guess how much Yao Ming is worth? And watch out, the train ticket scam website is back - it's all trending across China.

Yao Ming

Yao Ming is a world famous basketball player, but did you know that he is an excellent businessman as well? The total value of Yao Ming's asset has been valued at more than 3 billion yuan, Chongqing Evening News quoted a Chinese financial magazine as saying. Yao is said to be good at making investments by financing, making full use of his influence.

Narrow lanes

Trending news across China on Sept 13

What is the width of the narrowest side pavement in your mind? One side pavement in Jinan, provincial capital of Shandong, is only 0.2 meters in width and can even hardly allow the passing of pupils, according to a report on People's Daily online. Is that a side pavement or a single-plank bridge? Many people asked.

Ticket scam

The coming of two Chinese festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, has once again seen the return of the phishing website pretending to be, the official train ticket selling website. According to a report of Chengdu Evening News, those phishing websites usually don't support real-time remote inquiry and people can log in with any user names and passwords. Experts warn people should avoid clicking search results of search engines directly.

Average houses

While Chinese are estimated to enjoy an average household of about 36 square meters, the family of deputy secretary of Changchun health bureau is reported to have houses as large as 9,000 square meters and she along enjoys a 1100-square-meter house. The deputy secretary confessed to The Time Weekly that it's true that she has large houses, but she insisted that all of her property and income are legal.

Bianmin arrest

A well-known Internet user with a screen name of Bianmin was arrested for falsely reporting registered capital, Southern Metropolis Daily reported. Bianmin is considered as a network opinion leader. He was once active in the hide-and-seek event, in which a man claimed to have died because of the injuries he suffered when playing hide-and-seek game in a detention house.

Handsome VP

Trending news across China on Sept 13

A photo of the vice-president of the Beijing Language and Culture University's student union has struck up 400,000 clicks in two days on, one of the leading social networking service providers in China, People's Daily online reported. The handsome vice-president, David, comes from Russia, and is studying Chinese and Japanese at the university.

Pension reform

The news that topped Sina Weibo's hot topics is Yan Yansui, the main participant of the pension system reform project from Tsinghua University, said that when people retired at 50 years old, the man can be gardener and the woman can do laundry and knit, as an answer to what to do when there is no pension after retiring at 50 and receiving pension at 65. The topic has been forwarded 65,811 times.

Deadly swim

Trending news across China on Sept 13

Two of the three officials from the ethnic and religious affairs bureau of Guangyuan city's Lizhou district drowned during their swim in Jialing River in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, reported. They were on their way to collect invoices when someone suggested swimming during the hot weather.