WTO membership win-win step for Russia, world

2012-08-22 15:47:39

After 18 years of pursuit, Russia became the 156th member of the World Trade Organization on Wednesday, which will yield win-win results for both Russia and the world.

Putin, senior Chinese diplomat meet on ties

2012-08-20 17:04:02

Russian President Vladimir Putin and visiting Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo Monday

Putin supports NATO base deployment in Russia

2012-08-02 09:05:51

Russia is interested in the creation of a NATO logistic hub on its territory, because such a hub would benefit the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Putin urges probe into unproper flood warning

2012-07-10 10:18:19

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday urged a thorough probe into the flood warning mechanism which didn't get all residents alerted ahead of the devastating floodings.

Putin urges cooperation plan with EU ahead of Beijing visit

2012-06-05 08:08:54

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Bejiing on Tuesday and will attend the Beijing summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization from Tuesday to Thursday.

Bumpy ties remain despite Putin's visit to Germany

2012-06-03 09:20:11

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel reached much consensus on Friday over economic cooperation and a political solution for Syria.

Putin, Merkel favor political solution for Syria crisis

2012-06-02 15:45:54

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they favored a political solution for Syria and agreed to work with other countries to prevent the crisis from worsening.

Putin, Hollande see differences on Syria sanction

2012-06-02 15:27:55

Visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Francois Hollande stressed the necessity of full implementation of UN resolution, but saw sanctions against Syria in different ways.

Russia-China cooperation on rail has potential

2012-06-02 10:21:55

Russia-China cooperation on development of high-speed rail and a trans-Eurasian rail corridor has "huge potential, the president of Russian Railways (RZD) said here Friday.

Putin to visit China, attend SCO summit

2012-05-29 15:44:24

As guest of Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin will pay a state visit to China from June 5 to 7.

Putin appoints new aides

2012-05-23 17:03:45

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to appoint several senior officials of the Presidential Administration.

Putin approves new govt lineup

2012-05-21 22:38:18

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to approve the new government.

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