US-China cooperation on nuclear energy helps build trust in relations: expert

Updated: 2016-03-27 11:37


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US-China cooperation on nuclear energy helps build trust in relations: expert

US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz makes a speech at the center of excellence on nuclear security in the state nuclear security technology center in Beijing, March 18, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]

Earlier this month, the two countries agreed to broaden an established program on combating illicit movements and smuggling of nuclear materials.

"In the past few decades, China has made huge strides in nonproliferation and the US nuclear energy industry certainly hopes that China will continue this progress," Lipman said.

"From an industry perspective, we are counting on China's leadership in this area," he said, adding that US laws and international norms permit nuclear commerce only on the basis of successful cooperation in nuclear security and nonproliferation.

China adopts a "rational, coordinated and balanced" approach to nuclear security. In January, the Chinese government issued a nuclear white paper, assuring the world that China has "the most advanced technology and most stringent standards" to ensure safe and efficient development of nuclear power.

"China's decision to develop nuclear energy looks wiser than ever," Lipman said, "In certain ways, China offers a model for other countries around the world."

By deploying advanced nuclear power plants safely, on schedule and on budget, China can demonstrate that expanding nuclear energy is a practical option, said Lipman.

"As China gains experience in developing and safely operating nuclear power plants at home, it will play a larger role in the global nuclear energy supply chain," he added.

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