Somalia offers apology, seeks China's help

Updated: 2015-07-30 14:24

By HOU LIQIANG in Mogadishu, Somali(

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Somalia offers apology, seeks China's help

Workers clear the ruins of the Jazeera Palace Hotel July 29, 2015. [Photo by Hou Liqiang/]

Mohamed Omar Dalha, member of Somali & Arab Parliaments and deputy chairman committee of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said: "We are very sorry. We again say very sorry on behalf of Somali people."

He said terrorism happens even in powerful and developed countries such as the US and the UK, not only in Somali, which has seen a long period of chaos due to absence of functioning government.

"We are going to restore our sovereignty and structure and everything. Even our national force, we are going to rebuild it again.," he said.

He said Somali will be much better than now one day in the future with the "collaboration of the international community, including China". "We hope your collaboration will continue and you will continue to support us, financially, economically and socially."

"We consider China as one of the really powerful countries in the world. "We believe if Somalia and China work together, Somalia will restore back its sovereignty and its stability and its whole system of government."

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