Big events in the Sino-French relations

Updated: 2014-01-24 16:07


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Jan 19-24, 1978, Prime Minister Raymond Barre visited China. China and France signed a technological cooperation agreement. This was the first science and technology cooperation agreement signed between China and a Western country.

Oct 15-18, 1979, Chinese Premier Hua Guofeng visited France. During the visit, the two countries signed a document of “cultural exchange program in 1980 to 1981.”

Oct 15-21, 1980, President Valery Giscard d'Estaing visited China. He exchanged views with Deng Xiaoping and other leaders on major international issues and the development of bilateral relations. The two sides agreed to conduct regular consultations, signed an agreement on the establishment of consulates and decided to set up Consulates General in Shanghai and Marseille. The two sides also discussed the problem of the construction of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant project in Guangdong.

May 3-7, 1983, President François Mitterrand visited China. He held talks with Deng Xiaoping and other leaders on bilateral relations and major issues involving Cambodia. Mitterrand said he hoped to cooperate with China in industry, that China could get equipment and investment from France, and France could transfer technology to China. He also said that France put much emphasis on strengthening exchanges and cooperation with China in science, technology and culture. France’s next major task was to make a more specific agreement, enabling more dynamic cooperation. During the visit, China and France signed a memorandum on nuclear cooperation and a protocol on broadcast cooperation.

Big events in the Sino-French relations

Deng Xiaoping, director of the Central Advisory Committee, met French President Mitterrand at the Great Hall on May 5, 1983.