Number of Turkish troops reaches 670,000

Updated: 2013-03-06 16:22


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ANKARA - The number of Turkish military personnel totaled at 678,617, a drop of 33,000 since last year, the Turkish General Staff said on its website on Tuesday.

The statistics show that there are 347 generals and admirals were enlisted in the Turkish army. Among them, 313 generals are serving in the Land, Naval and Air Forces, and 33 generals are serving for the Gendarmerie Forces. One admiral is serving at the Coast Security Command.

In addition, there are 33,167 officers and 72,061 non-commissioned officers working for the Land, Naval and Air Forces in total.

In the Gendarmerie Forces, 5,561 officers and 22,812 non-commissioned officers are doing their duty, while 575 officers and 1,320 non-commissioned officers work at the Coast Security Command.

Over the recent years, the Turkish Armed Forces have been entrapped into some coup investigations, leading to the imprisonment of some military officers.

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