Singapore's oldest person dies at 113

Updated: 2011-12-14 12:18


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SINGAPORE - Singapore's oldest person Teresa Hsu, who has been well-known for her role in community work, passed away peacefully last week, local media reported on Wednesday.

Hsu passed away at home last Wednesday, her adopted son and caregiver Sharana Rao, 62, said in a note posted on the website of Heart To Heart, a non-profit charity organisation founded by Hsu.

She was cremated on the same day, in accordance with her wish to depart quietly and peacefully, without holding any rituals or ceremonies that might inconvenience others, he wrote.

"I have duly carried out her instructions, and respected her wishes. It is hoped that all friends, supporters, donors, volunteers and well-wishers respect her wishes too, so that she can rest in peace," Rao said.

Hsu reportedly had been in and out of hospital over the past two months after an infection.

Hsu she set up the Home for the Aged Sick in 1965 and later founded Heart To Heart. Some have dubbed her Florence Nightingale - - a famous English nurse -- while others have described her as Singapore's own Mother Teresa -- the nun known for her work among the poor in India, the Straits Times said.

Daniel Heng, a close friend and volunteer, said one of her mottos was "love conquers all."