Karzai welcomes strategic co-op with US

Updated: 2011-11-20 10:18


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KABUL - Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday welcomed decisions taken by country's Loya Jirga or grand assembly on a proposed strategic partnership with the United States.

The vast majority of the over 2,300 participants from across the country including tribal elders, notables, lawmakers and government functionaries after four days of discussions on Saturday recommended the government for having strategic partnership with the United States.

"I agree with your decisions and the resolution readout today has been a comprehensive decision that will be respected and implemented," President Karzai in his short speech.

In an 76-article resolution readout at the end of the four-day Jirga, the participants expressed their support to inking strategic relationship with the United States and believing it would benefit the war-torn Afghanistan in all fields.

"I welcome and support your decisions," Karzai said in his speech to the audience after the resolution was readout at the end of the historic Jirga.

"We will put into practice these decisions and all the course of this process will be implemented by your discussions," the Afghan President further said.

"This strategic partnership with the United States will never be signed without discussing with you and that it will be clear and unambiguous," Karzai added.

"If the national interests of Afghans is not clear in this pact it would not be implemented," Afghan President said, adding "this pact (the strategic partnership with the United States) will be for benefit of Afghanistan."

"It is preferred that the US military installations should be established in Afghanistan's borders with the neighboring states particularly from where terrorists threaten the country," the Jirga's resolution stressed.

The resolution also noted that "inking strategic partnership with the United States would be for 10 years and can be extended if necessary.

This resolution also recommended that US forces should halt night raid on villages and arresting Afghans in war on insurgents.

It also demanded the US military to hand over any detention center in Afghan soil to Afghan government.

The resolution also recommended that signing strategic partnership between Afghanistan and United States is inked " between two sovereign independent countries" and the documents of strategic partnership should be registered with the United Nations.

"If Afghanistan is attacked by any country the United States should stand alongside Afghanistan," the resolution pointed out.

The resolution also recommended Afghan government to continue peace talks with the armed opposition groups including Taliban but with renewing the past way and new strategy.

It also noted that peace talks with the armed oppositions should be "Afghan-led" but saying neighboring countries and international community should support the Afghan national reconciliation and peace process.