Exemption of the female bullies irritates victim's mother

Updated: 2015-07-22 15:53

By Song Jingyi(chinadaily.com.cn)

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Police and local schools in Haifeng city, South China's Guangdong province are investigating a bullying case involving 11 teenage girls according to the guancha.cn.

In a video circulated online, a schoolgirl had her clothes ripped and was punched hard by another, bigger female abuser. The assault lasted more than 90 seconds and the victim did not fight back.

The girl's mother was shocked when she was told about the video and reported the incident to local police immediately.

"I was heart-broken seeing my daughter in the video. She never brought it up at home. A similar case happened last year, but I did not investigate since the consequences were not serious. Now, I really regret not getting all of the bullies to apologize." said Xu Haiyan, mother of the victim.

That bullying occurred at around 4 pm on May 8, 2015 according to the victim surnamed Qian, a 14-year-old middle school student.

"I was dragged to a bottom corner and circled by a bunch of classmates, and then they began a beating, slapping my face hard and ripping off my clothes. Some onlookers even took videos of the scene," she said.

The mother expressed her worries about her daughter, who, after the beating suffered nightmares. "She has changed, appearing more vulnerable and becoming silent. Several days ago she shaved off her eyebrows. I am afraid that she could not forgive them and will seek revenge," she said.

Police launched a probe into the earlier case and traced the eight female abusers. They were given administrative detention ranging from 5 days to 8days and were each fined 500 yuan, although as they were juveniles they were exempted from the detention because most of them were under 16. Police ordered the families of the bullies to delete all photos and videos about Qian and apologize for what they had done.

The mother insists that the eight who were involved should appear in person to apologize to her daughter and is seeking 120,000 yuan in compensation.

She also worries that her daughter may resort to tit-for-tat if she confronts such an issue in future. "I just want to show the girls, including my daughter and the bullies, the way to deal with such accidents correctly," Xu said.