Bartender wins heart of British singer

Updated: 2015-05-08 15:01

By Li Yang(

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The marriage between Yang Tan, a bartender, and British singer Jodie caused a sensationin Yang's hometown of Lijiazhai village, Luzhou, Sichuan province during the May Day holiday, reported Huaxi Metro Times. Excerpts:

They seem an unlikely pair. Yang, a junior-middle-school graduate and the son of farmers, works in a bar in Xiamen, Fujian province, since2012. Jodie is a graduate of a music conservatory in London, and was a part-time singer in the bar where Yang works. And yet, they wounded up getting married.

"I liked her singing, and said hi to her whenever she passed me after her performance," Yang said. Yang cannot speak English well. He opened the Wechat app on his mobile phone and showed the phone to Jodie, in an attempt to ask her for her phone number.

Later they became lovers, "thanks to the translation software," Yang recalled, recounting the difficulties they faced in communicating in the early days.

Jodie is a professional singer and has been in China for three years. She participated in a talent show on Chinese TV, and was very popular among her Chinese tutors in the program.

Yang had not expected to successfully woo such a well-educated foreign girl. However, he plucked up his courage, and saved half a year's earnings and bought a diamond ring.

He proposed on Feb 14, Valentine's Day, this year. "I was actually not that positive about her response," Yang said. Yet, his sincerity moved Jodie. They had a traditional Chinese wedding in Yang's home village.

Yang's parents were not that happy with the match, because they worried about the cultural differences, and Yang is five years younger than Jolie.

"My parents' opposition let me realize how deep I am in love with her," Yang said.

But Jolie's openness to Chinese culture and quick adaptation to local customs dispelled the old couple's doubts.

Jolie and Yang should register their marriage in the provincial-level department of civil affairs with a certification issued by the UK proving Jolie was single before the marriage.