Respect can prevent seat clashes

Updated: 2014-10-08 08:10

(China Daily)

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Recently a senior citizen stood in front of a bus and stopped it moving for two hours. He was angry because a younger passenger refused to offer his seat to him and the driver ignored his request as well. To prevent similar incidents from happening, passengers should be more considerate towards each other and offer their seats to those in need, says an article on People's Daily. Excerpts:

In recent years, clashes over bus seats have increased, and on occasion even become violent. In most cases, the conflicts have arisen because of younger passengers' reluctance to offer their seats to those in need, including the disabled, children, elderly, and pregnant women.

These "vulnerable groups" are entitled to seats reserved for their exclusive use on public transport. However, it is ignorant and unqualified passengers who occupy these seats and refuse to relinquish them to those for whom they are intended.

Offering seats to those passengers who are more in need should be an automatic response of those who are better able to stand.

However, if there is a disagreement the two parties should try to understand each other instead of impulsively accusing anyone of ignorance and selfishness.

For instance, one should not blame an exhausted white collar or a student with a heavy schoolbag for sitting a while longer on a bus, for they are in need as well. Seat related arguments can be eliminated by better communication, which can only be achieved if we show more respect to one another.