Real estate registration should serve everybody

Updated: 2014-08-19 15:44


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Real estate registration is a basis for the economy and society. It should serve different purposes. It must first meet its initial targets of protecting citizens’ property, transition security and serving property owners, says an article in China Business News.


The State Council finally started seeking advice on the overdue real estate information registration system, which is believed to have the functions of cooling China’s over heated housing market, exposing how property ownership is concentrated in the hands of only a few powerful and rich people and laying the foundation for a property tax.

The Chinese government proposed founding the system as early as 2007 when the first Property Law was passed.

However, the housing administration system, which remains divided among city-level governments, resists the proposal of a national housing administration network that pools information.

Although the housing administration authority repeatedly clarifies that the system is not to meet so many objectives, the public remains concerned over to what extent information should be registered, whether real state belonging to the government should be covered and if registration is transparent for public supervision.

There must be resistance to reforms that promote fairness and justice from vested interests. The central authority should heed the public’s concerns and need for the system and make it better serve the people, economy and administration.