Let's end doctor-patient conflicts

Updated: 2014-08-19 06:52

(China Daily)

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Stories narrated by a doctor in a newspaper column have drawn wide attention on social media, which is a good development considering that doctor-patient relations have not been cordial for a long time. The column has opened a channel for doctors and other medical workers to voice their feelings and moved many readers, says an article on gmw.cn. Excerpts:

Doctors and other medical professionals deserve the greatest respect because they treat patients and save lives. But the conflicts between doctors and patients across the country have prompted people to view medical professionals as "profiteers" and prevented many youths from choosing the medical profession.

There is a severe shortage of medical resources in China. Although about 600,000 students graduate from medical colleges every year, only one-sixth of them choose to practice medicine.

The government needs to invest more funds to improve the healthcare sector, especially because it is still very difficult for poor people to get proper medical care. The lack of medical facilities for the lower-income group has led to many conflicts for which doctors have been blamed.

There is no doubt that problems exist in terms of professional skills and the attitude of doctors and medical workers, but the situation is changing for the better with many hospitals improving their facilities and services. Medical workers like the doctor who wrote the column in the newspaper want to, and have already made efforts, to help patients and thus reduce doctor-patient conflicts. Therefore, their opinions need to be heard.

If the public reflects on the developments and tries to view the medical profession without prejudice, it could help reduce doctor-patient tensions.