Disrespect to religious practices

Updated: 2014-06-17 09:09

(China Daily)

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Local governments that want to merge Buddhist monasteries and nunneries, forcing Buddhist monks and nuns to live together are disrespecting religious practices and Chinese culture. Therefore, they should be prevented from doing so, says an article on red.net. Excerpts:

The local government of Xihu district in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi province, wants to demolish three small temples to facilitate "urban development". The local authorities want to build a new temple in its place and name it the "Nanhai Dwelling Palace", and, much to the local residents' surprise, merge two Buddhist monasteries and one nunnery compelling the monks and nuns to live together in the new temple complex.

Not surprisingly, the local government's move has triggered a public controversy. Perhaps the local authorities do not know that "dwelling palace" was the name given to temporary palaces of emperors during the dynastic rule in China and that such a name is used for entertainment places nowadays.

Since the name has nothing to do with temples or Buddhist culture, it's ridiculous for the local government to give that name to a temple. It's gross disrespect of national and Buddhist culture to say the least.

Moreover, there is no reason for the local government to merge monasteries and nunneries. In fact, the Buddhist monks and nuns have refused to move into the new complex because that would violate religious principles.

Many people have been left wondering why the local government is so ignorant about basic religious practices, which all Xihu residents are aware of. Does this reflect the unhealthy, and even corrupt, working style of the local authorities?

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