Display of wealth to no purpose

Updated: 2014-05-30 08:00

(China Daily)

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The photograph of a bride wearing three necklaces and about 70 gold bracelets during an extravagant wedding ceremony in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, posted on the Internet has sparked a heated online debate. Some people may have criticized the bride out of jealousy or envy, but one thing is for certain that a vulgar display of wealth does not guarantee a happy marriage, says an article in Qianjiang Evening News. Excerpts:

Indeed, a person has the right to decide what he/she will wear on a certain occasion. But the daughter of a local tycoon wearing dozens of ounces of gold ornaments on the day of her marriage may look like a figure enacting a farce.

A luxurious wedding ceremony sends out subtle but complicated signals. It could help exhibit the wealth of the bride's or groom's family, or both the families. Apart from that, however, extravagant weddings serve no other familial or social purpose.

One could understand the essence of favor as part of Chinese tradition. But an extravagant wedding has nothing to do with love or happiness and thus signifies the poor social understanding of families indulging in it.

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