Celebrities should be role models

Updated: 2014-03-26 08:18

(China Daily)

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New singing star Li Daimo was recently arrested for taking drugs. That should be a warning to all celebrities, says a Xinhua news commentary. Excerpts:

According to Beijing police, in a crackdown last week they arrested a drug-dealing and drug-taking group of eight. Among the arrested was singer Li Daimo who became famous on a recent talent show.

He is not the first celebrity to be linked with drugs. Among them are both C grade celebrities and true pop stars, like Man Wenjun and William So Wing Hong. They all paid a heavy price for their drug use falling from fame and even quitting show biz. This latest affair has sent entertainment stars a warning and they should draw some lessons from it.

Stars need to restrain themselves. As public figures, they are at the focus of public attention and their deeds might influence their fans, especially impressionable young people who follow the lead of their idols. They need to stay away from illegal activities like taking drugs because that concerns not only themselves, but also their young followers.

Many entertainment stars actually have no brilliant family background and achieved fame through their own hard work. They need to avoid errors such as taking drugs, which might mean all their efforts end up in vain.

Last but most important, entertainment stars need to learn that they are equal with others in terms of the law. An entertainment manager once said that many stars take drugs because it was fashionable, as well as a symbol of their special social status. But they need to give up any illusion of superiority because the law shows no more mercy to celebrities.