Good scripts make good movies

Updated: 2014-03-25 07:58

(China Daily)

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The rise of Hollywood, has been largely because of good scripts. Just like blueprints are needed before constructing a building, a script is essential to make a good film. China should respect and reward the work of scriptwriters so they are motivated to produce better scripts, says an article in Beijing News. Excerpts:

In Hollywood, the film reflects the script, so too in South Korean movies and TV shows, all the romantic or sad films are designed by scriptwriters word by word on the page with little space for free play, even some talk shows are scripted.

But in China, it seems that there is no strict division of work in films or TV dramas. Although a good film needs the efforts of the director and actors, a good division of labor is actually important to control the quality of movies or plays.

For the past few years, with the revival of China's film industry, many directors, actors and actress have gained good incomes and good reputations. However, the incomes and reputations of the scriptwriters that wrote the movies remain as limited as before, which means their work and role are still undervalued.

In Western countries and some Asian countries, such as Japan and South Korea, the scriptwriters are always the people in charge of storylines and plots, and they can not easily be deprived of this right by others.

Rather than interfering with their professional work, we should raise the incomes of Chinese scriptwriters and provide more space for them to tell their stories.