Reviving Silk Road is good for common development

Updated: 2013-11-14 20:57


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Building the "Silk Road economic zone" is good for regional peace, stability and common development, said an article in the People's Daily (excerpts below).

The Silk Road connected China with Asia, as well as Africa and Europe more than 2,000 year ago and became an important channel for trade, cultural and human exchanges.

China's proposal of building the "Silk Road economic zone" is rooted in this historic tradition and is in line with the requirements of common development of the relevant regions and countries.

The zone will provide new opportunities to share prosperity.

Building the economic zone is the best choice for countries to maintain peace and resolve disputes.

The success of the economic zone today comes from a series of concrete cooperation and coordination measure on a number of issues, including finance, trade, currency, infrastructure construction, energy and telecommunications.

In history, the Silk Road's success depended on fair trade, bringing widespread benefits.

We should draw on the historical legacy and carry on the good traditions of the Silk Road to make the economic zone an example for regional integration and common development.