'Locusts' comment unfair

Updated: 2013-11-14 07:29

(China Daily)

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A comment on Beijing subway's official micro blog has caused an uproar as it called some passengers "locusts", a word used to describe people who behave in an uncivilized manner, and said they weren't welcome in the Beijing. However, the city's messy and disorderly subway system is caused by poor management, says an article in gmw.cn. Excerpts:

The comment on the official micro blog of the Beijing subway was unfriendly, and since the capital city is working on promoting the friendliness of its residents, such a view is against the city's spirit. Moreover, the subway department can not represent Beijing when judging peoples' actions. In fact, it should welcome all visitors to Beijing.

The flaws in subway services and the management are a bigger problem than the rubbish left on trains by passengers. The management of the Beijing subway usually blame the huge passenger flow for the flaws in its service, but the unscientific and passenger routes seem designed to aggravate the congestion in stations rather than facilitating the movement of passengers in and out. Some citizens have criticized the operations of some metro lines, such as Line 10, where there are frequent delays to the trains, and the information in the stations often shows the wrong running schedule.

The messy carriage shown in the photo accompanying the comment is on a Line 10 train, and you can see most of the rubbish is discarded flyers, which are not brought on the trains by passengers, but by the representatives of all sorts of companies. The photo reveals the poor management of the subway, rather than the uncivilized behavior of passengers.

As one of the public services provided by the government, those responsible for operating the Beijing subway should reflect on their own poor service, rather than blame their clients for the disorder.

(China Daily 11/14/2013 page9)