Isolationism ruins US leadership

Updated: 2013-10-24 21:54


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Countries go through different transformation periods, regardless of whether they are rising or declining, and must adapt to changing global relations, said an article in People's Daily (excerpts below).

The United States will have to overcome its isolationism if it wants to maintain its powerful position in the global political realm.

An isolationist strand has always been present in the US but at the bottom of isolationism is a lack of confidence, which goes beyond politics into the fields of science and technology.

The US Congress passed a bill in March banning the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's cooperation with Chinese State-owned enterprises. NASA even restricted Chinese scientists from attending international academic conferences.

Does a richer and more powerful China mean a weaker US? This is the question of the times for China, even if the US officially claims that it welcomes a prosperous China.

The US National Intelligence Council's latest report predicts the US may not have the capability to lead the world by 2030 when China may be the largest economy and Asia will be the center of power.

Why must the US always play the role of "world leader"? Changing times redefine the meaning of power and leadership.

If the US cannot understand the meaning of changing times, it will become increasingly marginalized.

The US should redefine its national interests with foresight and never isolate its own interests from those of the international community.