Policy implementation the key for local authorities

Updated: 2013-10-22 19:43


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Only after local governments strictly implement national orders and policies can the central government's wisdom benefit the nation's development and stability, an article in China Business News states.


The executive meeting of the State Council on Friday focused on barriers in local government implementation of political orders and policies from the central authorities.

It is not the first time that the central government has tried to work out how to solve the problem. However, it can only be solved by joint efforts from the central and local governments.

For example, the central government set deadlines and targets for local governments to weed out excess production capacity and polluting industries.

Local governments know this is the right direction to take to upgrade local industrial structures. However, under pressure to boost local economic growth and increase government revenue to meet rising demand for public services, it is not easy for local governments to meet these deadlines.

The central authorities have ordered local governments to transform themselves into the main public service providers by conceding some powers to the market and society.

This transformation affects the interests of some people and government departments. Since central government polices in this field lack compulsory powers, local authorities can always find loopholes to overtly abide by the orders while covertly defying them, despite the benefits for the people.

The central government should make its orders and policies compulsory and more practical to ensure people benefit from local government implementation of them.