Reforming the discipline inspection system

Updated: 2013-10-22 19:42


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Discipline inspection and supervision should be performed by a third party, rather than by one side for the other, says an article in China Business News (excepts below):

Wu Yuliang, deputy chief of the discipline inspection authority of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has revealed in an online communication that reform of the discipline inspection system will take time.

Reform is important to improve the efficiency of the discipline inspection system in the fight against corruption within the Communist Party of China.

The Party recently sent inspection teams to look for evidence of corruption and misconduct among Party members and officials, and most teams found important evidence of serious issues of abuse of power and graft.

The incident should remind decision makers of the effectiveness of third-party supervision, which is in sharp contrast with the current supervision system.

The discipline inspection committee is led by the Party committee and its superior committee of the disciplinary system, with the Party committee as its main leader.

Naturally, it is very hard for the subordinates to supervise the leaders.

That's why few disciplinary problems of the Party committee are reported by its subordinate watchdog.

It is advisable to separate the discipline inspection committees from the local Party committees or to integrate the discipline inspection committees of various levels into the judiciary and legislative authorities.

The independence of supervisors directly determines their competence in fulfilling their responsibilities.