Win-win relationship for Myanmar and China

Updated: 2013-10-22 19:42


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The oil and gas pipelines nearing completion between China and Myanmar are an important step in China's efforts to promote inter-connectivity with the ASEAN countries and to ensure regional energy security, says an article in the People's Daily (excerpts below):

The construction of the pipelines is also a means by which Myanmar can transform from a closed state to a more open one. Chinese companies are helping the people of Myanmar to enjoy the benefits the pipeline brings to local areas. That's why the project is widely supported in Myanmar.

The win-win situation created by the pipeline counters claims that only China benefits from the project. In fact, the pipeline benefits investors from South Korean and Indian companies, as well as providing numerous benefits to Myanmar itself.

Myanmar not only receives "road tolls" but also gets a certain amount of oil and gas for its own use. The project turns the little-known Myanmar costal city of Kyaukpyu into an investment target for the world.

The mountain areas and rivers of Myanmar and China are now linked.

Stable and friendly neighborhood bilateral ties are in line with the interests of both peoples, as well as those of the ASEAN peoples.

ASEAN and China have always supported the independent development of Myanmar, even during the most difficult time in its recent history, when it was not accepted by some Western countries.

Myanmar will hold the rotating presidency of ASEAN next year, which will also be the 60th anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence jointly proposed by China, Myanmar and India. China and Myanmar should take this opportunity to deepen pragmatic bilateral cooperation for common development and prosperity.