HED: Increase public supervision, increase transparency

Updated: 2013-09-23 21:30


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The information disclosure system of the Chinese government falls behind the calls of the people and the fast development of Chinese society, says an article of the Southern Metropolis Daily. Excerpt:

Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Sept 18 to strengthen government transparency and information disclosure to let the people supervise the practices of power.

The development of the Chinese government's information disclosure system pales in contrast with the progress of information technology.

The Chinese government has long operated in an environment lack of the public's supervision. The government has not developed an awareness to disclose government information timely.

It is necessary for Premier Li to emphasize the importance of establishing a platform for the government to improve its transparency, and the purpose of doing so is to put the government under the supervision of the people, but not follow whatever rules.

The Regulations on Government Information Disclosure passed in 2008 has served as the guiding principles for the solutions of many cases of corruption and power abuses of individual officials and government departments since its enforcement.

Chinese government should take more active initiatives to disclose information and maintain a constructive communication with the society. Transparency should be a normal state of the government operations in China.