Nude tea exhibit a travesty of marketing

Updated: 2013-08-14 22:46


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At the recent Guangzhou Tea Expo, convention attendees were in shock with one exhibit that featured nude models with tea leaves painted on their bodies. The gimmick reveals a trend of vulgarity and a lack of innovation in today's marketing promotions, says an article from, website of Guangming Daily. Excerpts:

The exhibit of nude models covered in paint is just a commercial stunt to quickly attract. A stunt of this kind illustrates the desperation of some companies in the tea industry.

Painting nude models at tea fairs carries no cultural significance and the marketing stunt catches the transient attention of people with no lasting effects. It, in fact, infringes on tea's potential benefits.

Many ad companies have recently been suspected of exploiting loopholes in regulations to gain approval of their ads or promotional events.

The tea fair's vulgar exhibit reflects the fickleness of social ethos. Many marketing campaigns tend to seek instantaneous results while neglecting creativity and an understanding of consequences.

Consumers ultimately care about the quality of products and services, rather than marketing gimmicks. And to use a woman's body as the gimmick, albeit being incorporated with the art of painting, is an insult to the dignity of women.