Egypt must find its own solutions to prosper

Updated: 2013-07-09 21:40


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A development model that fits Egypt should be compatible with the nation's practical conditions, said an article in Beijing Daily (excerpts below).

The chaos in Egypt holds the world's attention. It seems to many people as if the country is back to square one after the optimism of a year ago.

All countries have their own problems and conflicts, just like all families do. There is no settled model or system to solve these problems.

One primary requirement for a state leader is he or she should understand the basic and practical national conditions.

Developed countries can provide valuable lessons for developing countries but many of the "lessons" cannot be copied or transplanted directly.

A united Egypt will stand, a divided Egypt will fall. As a country with a long history, the people of Egypt should know stability and confidence are the foundation for a nation's prosperity.