Be tolerant with survivors of Asiana air crash

Updated: 2013-07-09 21:31


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After the Asiana Airline plane crash, a surviving passenger who escaped with her carry-on luggage was criticized after her photo was posted online. A column on Beijing News advocated people and media to be tolerant with her (excerpts below):

The Asiana Airline plane crash is making headlines worldwide. However, among all the sympathies and prayers for those who suffered, there is also blame being placed on one of the survivors, who escaped with her baggage, according to a photo posted online.

There is no doubt her deeds were irrational and harmful. Her baggage could not only block the exit, but also harm other passengers who were running for their lives. That is why the safety code requires all passengers to leave their belongings in the case of any accident.

However, it is unfair to bombard her with blame. It is possible she was ignorant of the safety code; there is also the possibility she forgot everything when facing the disaster. Under whatever conditions, one should not blame her for selfishness without evidence she took her baggage intentionally.

Besides, as a survivor, she is also suffering both physically and psychologically from the disaster. She deserves aid and comfort, rather than criticism.

The accident also shows passengers are not prepared for coping with crises and emergencies: one of the Chinese girls killed was not wearing her safety belt, and many other passengers undid their safety belts before the plane landed stably. It is necessary to teach passengers the safety procedure before flights, instead of blaming them after.