SOEs must meet environmental responsibilities

Updated: 2013-07-05 21:31


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Air pollution in North China put the spotlight on State-owned enterprises which should really set a good example, said an article in China Business News (excerpts below).

SOEs in Hebei province were found to be causing air pollution but they replied saying they were getting the brunt of the blame while other industries also caused pollution.

True, the SOEs are not the only polluters and the local environmental authority also failed its duties.

But if SOEs are causing pollution, the media's charges are fair. There are no bystanders in North China's pollution, which is also a result of a backward industrial structure and productivity.

The SOEs enjoy special preferential policies in various fields and make huge profits, among which only a slight proportion is handed to the government.

They must take more social and environmental responsibility and set a good example for other enterprises.