Keep Sino-US ties on the right track

Updated: 2013-06-21 22:57


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The United States' unwarranted critics of China in its "Prism Gate" scandal only cast a shadow on the delicate Sino-US relations, says an article of People's Daily. Excerpt:

Prism Gate, the leak of the NSA controversial project that gathers citizens' emails, chat logs and other private information from internet giants, has been trouble for the US from the very beginning.

If what Edward Snowden said bears any relation with China, it is the US that should take the initiative to explain everything clearly, rather than pour the dirty water on China concerning some politicians' imagined "connections" between Snowden and China's intelligence agencies.

Chinese people have never had the hobby of intervening in other families' troubles. However, as long as the connection has been suggested, China can only clarify its stand and analyze the intent of the US politicians. If the US government allows the irresponsible and groundless remarks to blackmail China, it should be responsible for all consequences.

The incident exposed some politicians' ill psychologies. They regard China as their opponent, a typical Cold War mentality. On the other hand, they have not adjusted their thinking to get along with a rising big country with different political and cultural traditions from the US.

When they find it hard to convince their citizens and allies in the West, they naturally turn China into a scapegoat. It is the same case for the US administration to criticize China under the excuse of "national security".

Thanks to long-time accumulation, China and the US have sound foundations for cooperation. But there are often undercurrents from the US intending to send China astray from the right direction. Leaders of both countries should avoid being disturbed by these factors and keep Sino-US relations on the right track.