Exceptionalism harms the US and the world

Updated: 2013-06-19 21:51


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If some big countries cannot discard their "exceptionalism", not only will their soft power be diminished, but the international community’s ability to solve areas of common concern will also suffer, said an article in the People’s Daily (excerpts below).

Edward Snowden, "deep throat", in Hong Kong has exposed how the US government is watching its citizens. This has revealed some double standards.

The big countries make a lot of the rules, many of which are for the others, but not themselves. But the world is changing

Many of the actions by the US conflict with its concepts and rules that it asks other to follow.

Technological strength plays an important role in allowing the US government to justify its exceptionalism.

After 9/11 US intelligence and anti-terrorism powers expanded, some will argue too fast and beyond proper oversight

Fighting terrorism is an international objective. Countries are willing to provide the necessary support for the US. Yet, this support does not mean they will allow the US to monitor them as it wishes.

Fairness and honesty are important in international affairs. If some powerful countries cannot discard their exceptionalism, they will become obstacles to the international community’s ability to tackle issues