Let talent decide entry into school

Updated: 2012-08-28 08:02

(China Daily)

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Some parents are reportedly willing to pay tens of thousands of yuan to get their children admitted to "prestigious" schools so that they can extend their social networks to higher levels. The relationship among young students has long been considered the purest. But the ulterior motive of some parents to establish socially higher networks is threatening to spoil this relationship, says an article in China Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Social networking has played a significant role in Chinese society, giving some people access to resources and privileges they would otherwise have been denied.

But a healthy society should not be influenced or controlled by social networks. The bigger the network the greater harm it will cause to social justice and the more detrimental it would be to social harmony and stability.

It is absolutely necessary to teach children to be disciplined and to abide by rules. They should be taught the virtues of justice, too.

Talent and intelligence, rather than money and connections, should be the criteria for admission to schools, prestigious or not. This is important because once rich people's children realize that their parents can get them whatever they want, they will start violating rules and regulations. They can also develop the habit of pulling strings to save themselves whenever they break these rules and regulations.

Parents should realize that the utilitarian seeds they sow in their children's minds today will harm them both in the end.



(China Daily 08/28/2012 page9)

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