Increasing Chinese investment in US benefits both sides

Updated: 2012-02-17 11:11


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On Feb. 13, Chinese Ministry of Commerce and U.S. Department of Commerce jointly held a seminar for boosting bilateral investment.

"It is probably because the United States has few choices. Many of its industries need capital injection for recovery, and foreign capital will play an active role in improving the country’s employment situation and competitiveness as well as increasing its fiscal revenue,” He Maochun, director of the Research Center for Economic Diplomacy at Tsinghua University, said in an interview.

The United States, still plagued by the persistent debt problems, is likely to relax controls on investment from China, and even invite and encourage Chinese investors to increase their investment in the country, in order to fulfill the strong market demand and to promote its economic recovery.

Chinese enterprises have huge demand to invest in the United States

"Chinese capital is ready to enter the United States.” He Maochun believes that China has already had a certain scale of overseas investments, and the U.S. market is relatively safe for Chinese enterprises, because of the United States' sophisticated legal system, highly advanced market economy system and mature rules of game.

In addition, the Chinese enterprises with the capacity of “going abroad” need to test and strengthen themselves in the U.S. market. The capital export is also a kind of exchange of management modes and cultures, which is helpful for fostering personnel and commercial elites.

The United States should remove barriers and offer convenience

However, compared to the E.U. countries' active and open attitude towards Chinese enterprises, the United States' attitude towards Chinese enterprises is still cautious and even strict. As the trade between the two countires keeps expanding and Chinese enterprises' competitiveness keeps increasing, the United States also keeps setting trade barriers, leading more trade frictions and conflicts between the two countries. It has strengthened Chinese enterprises' worry on investing in the United States.

Therefore, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China Yu Jianhua suggests that the U.S. government should create a fair and just environment for Chinese enterprises to invest in the United States, treat them fairly and offer more information supports to them, but should not make its investment auditing policy damage Chinese enterprises' enthusiasm on investing in the United States.