Value of Jeremy Lin

Updated: 2012-02-17 07:55

(China Daily)

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It has taken Jeremy Lin, a Harvard-educated Chinese-American, less than a week to emerge from nowhere and become the latest international phenomenon in the NBA.

On the evening of Feb 14, Lin's last gasp game-winning 3-pointer secured the New York Knicks their sixth victory in a row. And in the next day's back-to-back game against the Sacramento Kings, Lin continued to show his brilliance with 13 assists, a career high.

Off the court, Lin's current market value has soared to about $14 million, no less than that of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

Since Lin's first game, the stock price of the company that owns the Knicks has increased by 10.23 percent.

Lin's breakout was created with cries of "Linderella" and "Linsanity" in the United States and his popularity has soared worldwide.

Lin's success can help change the stereotypes and prejudice regarding Chinese-Americans in the US, where they are usually thought of as doctors, lawyers, financial analysts or musicians rather than athletes.

Lin's sensational rise to stardom in the NBA reminds us of Yao Ming, who retired in 2011. However, Yao's height and the harsh training he received under the State-sponsored sports system meant he was destined to play basketball. Lin, on the other hand, a 1.91m tall Harvard University economics graduate, shows that athletes of Chinese heritage can succeed without these.

Lin's stunning success has ignited a new American dream for Chinese-Americans, and his example can serve as an incentive for Chinese officials in charge of sports to proceed faster in renovating the country's sports system.

Lin's hard work, as well as the discipline and creativity he displays on the court, will help to boost China's image.

He will also help reignite Chinese fans' passion for the sport which had faded after Yao Ming's retirement.

We hope Lin will continue to produce such on-court excitement and wish him well in his chosen career.

(China Daily 02/17/2012 page8)