Africa's exotic delights

Updated: 2013-05-27 13:33

By Mike Peters (China Daily)

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Africa's exotic delights

[Photo/China Daily]

Other items, such as couscous and the bamboo or banana leaves used to steam some popular dishes, are no problem to find in China.

To showcase Africa's diversity, the cookbook organizers offer China Daily readers several different takes on a common main ingredient: chicken.

Doro Wot from Ethiopia symbolizes the timeless joy and beauty of hospitable traditional values of Ethiopian people. This spicy chicken delicacy is remarkably redolent and a special favorite, served during New Year and religious celebrations for good luck and prosperity.

Chicken with Nut Butter from Rwanda is a traditional and a special dish of Kibungo, in the eastern province of Rwanda. People honor friends and guests with this delightful cuisine on important occasions. The use of the hot pepper akabanga (akabanga means "the secret" in the Rwandan language) makes this dish particularly delicious and unique.

Other chicken dishes include Jollof Rice from Ghana, with ingredients including chicken, stewed tomatoes, rice, ham, cabbage, beans and onions; and Dambou from Niger, with ingredients covering chicken (or fish), semolina couscous (or rice), onion, Spinach and chili pepper.

The African Delicacies cookbook was sold on May 25 at the 50th anniversary celebration at Beijing's Kempinski hotel. It can also be purchased though the embassies of Rwanda, Ethiopia and some other African embassies.

Africa's exotic delights

Africa's exotic delights

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