Zhao Wei wins best actress award for Dearest

Updated: 2015-06-01 13:17


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Zhao Wei wins best actress award for <EM>Dearest</EM>

Chinese actress Zhao Wei (center) and director Peter Chan at the 16th Huading Awards in Hong Kong on May 31. [Photo/Xinhua]

Peter Chan's child-trafficking epic Dearest, based on a true story of a father's quest for his trafficked son, was the biggest winner at the 16th Huading Awards in Hong Kong on May 31, taking home the honors for best film, best director and best actress.

Chinese heroine Zhao Wei won the award for best actress for the second time, after winning the same title at Hong Kong Film Awards in mid-April. Taiwan-based actor Mark Zhao was awarded best actor for action film White and Black Episode 2, and American actor Adrien Brody won best supporting actor for Dragon Blade.

Second time winner

Hong Kong seems a good fit for actress and director Zhao Wei.

On April 19, Zhao was awarded best actress for her role as a mother who raised trafficked children in Dearest. A month and a half later, she won the title again, at the 16th Huading Awards.

"I would like to thank the committee for presenting me this award. I also want to thank director Peter Chan for his bold creativity. I would have never imagined that I could play a role like this, the female protagonist of a story based on real events," said Zhao.

Zhao also expressed gratitude for the crew of the film. "For a film to be excellent, everybody working on it must also be excellent," said Zhao.

After making her directorial debut with So Young in 2013, Zhao has been riding on high tides, taking home prizes from many prestigious awards in China, whilst showing her entrepreneurship through purchasing wine chateaus and investing in film production companies. With all the success and recognitions in her hands, Zhao still disagrees with the title Internet users often call her by - "a winner in life".

"Nobody knows how hard I work! I've been so busy these years that I've sacrificed too much time with my family. They say I am 'a winner in life', but I really am not. Life is never static. There are no such things as winners."

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