Kites festival dazzles Beijing

Updated: 2012-05-16 09:59

By Xing Xudong (

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We remember as children taking a dime-store kite to the park and running like mad. Well, things have changed. The average kite flier isn't a kid, and running isn't required.

Kiting today is a sport, craft, art, show, battle and competition! SOLANA Lifestyle Shopping Park brings in a taste of Chinese tradition by borrowing ideas from the top kite craftsmen in Beijing. There are big kites, small kites, multi-line kites and even indoor kites.

The single-line kites of our youth are still plentiful, with more variety in their designs than ever before. Today's kites are, however, works of art, some with hundreds of appliqued pieces.

Modern kiting is a multi-dimensional activity involving a diverse community of artists, performers and sports enthusiasts from around the world with something to match everyone's individual taste for adventure and fun.

Video: Xing Xudong

Producer: Flora Yue

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