Art or porn? CCTV is not sure

2012-07-10 15:51:53

The Statue of David had his genitals covered with digital mosaics in footage shown by China Central Television program.

Man endures vicious fish attack in river

2012-07-09 07:32:29

A man was attacked by three vicious fish who bit through an artery in his hand when he was bathing his dog in the Liujiang River.

Firefighters set homes ablaze

2012-07-05 10:48:02

Firefighters will spend the next two weeks setting homes ablaze on a small island in New York Harbor for one purpose: Saving lives.

51-pound tumor removed from US woman

2012-07-05 10:48:02

A rapidly growing, 51-pound (23-kg) cancerous tumor was removed from a woman who had delayed treatment for more than a month.

Reading offers quicker escape for inmates

2012-07-05 10:48:02

Brazil will offer inmates in its crowded federal penitentiary system a novel way to shorten their sentences: four days less for every book they read.

Forbidden fruit leaves aftertaste for suspected thieves

2012-07-04 07:47:01

Three unemployed men who stole 15 kilograms of peaches from an agricultural institute had no idea the fruit they were stealing was worth thousands of yuan to the institute's experimental research.

Wolves kill worker at Swedish wildlife park

2012-06-18 16:01:01

A pack of wolves attacked and killed a female worker in their enclosure at one of Sweden's most popular wildlife parks on Sunday, said police.

Cameron left eight-year-old daughter in pub

2012-06-13 17:07:29

Prime Minister David Cameron accidentally left his daughter behind in a country pub after a Sunday lunch with friends.

Bulgaria puts 'vampire' skeleton on display

2012-06-13 17:07:29

Bulgaria's history museum plans to display a "vampire" skeleton next week after unearthing the 700-year-old remains of two men.

US workers find dead monkeys in crate

2012-06-08 17:17:27

Indiana refinery workers got a surprise when they opened a crate of valves from India and found the remains of two small monkeys.

Girlfriend felt 'safe' with face-eater

2012-06-07 15:28:48

The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the Miami man killed by police after he chewed off a big chunk of another man's face, said on Wednesday she always felt safe with him.

Phony 'dying bride' ordered to repay victims

2012-06-01 16:55:29

A New York bride who faked having terminal cancer to swindle well-wishers into funding her dream wedding and honeymoon was ordered to repay more than $13,000 to her victims.