Civil servant paid for doing nothing

2011-02-12 07:37:07

Can I get a job like that, too? A freeloading civil servant has become the target of Internet slurs after netizens discovered he had been paid for more than seven years without working a single day.

Romance for rent

2011-02-08 08:57:58

For young, single city professionals, the Spring Festival holidays present many reasons to be fearful: standing in line for hours to get a train ticket, exhausting long journeys, stuffing red envelopes with cash.

The motto is 'welcome to Beijing'

2011-02-07 10:13:16

Several photographs depicting a traffic-free Beijing during the Spring Festival, which were posted on popular Chinese social networking website, triggered massive controversy among Web users.

Dungeon rapist sentenced to death

2011-02-01 07:51:52

A man was sentenced to death for kidnapping and caging two girls in a dungeon and raping nine other women, said a verdict of the Intermediate People's Court of Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on Jan 30.

Carrefour fined for overcharging

2011-01-31 07:59:08

Three Carrefour stores in Shanghai, three in Central China's Hunan province and two in Southwest China's Yunnan province have been fined 500,000 yuan ($76,000) each for overcharging customers.

Bureau hands down first fine for poor parcel handling

2011-01-31 07:46:31

The State Post Bureau has fined the Shanghai Jinqiao division of Shentong Express 10,000 yuan ($1,520) for rough handling of parcels.

Watch recording 'proves probe result'

2011-01-31 07:44:10

A watch with a micro recorder worn by Qian Yunhui, a former village leader, has been found and supports the previous conclusion that his death was an accident, Wenzhou police said on Saturday.

A high-speed ride home

2011-01-31 07:33:18

Nearly 20 percent of Chinese train travelers have turned to high-speed lines during the Spring Festival peak travel period, Wang Zhiguo, vice-minister of railways, told a news conference on Jan 30.

Police chief's son gets 6 years for accident

2011-01-31 07:24:02

The son of a senior police officer was sentenced to six years in jail for killing a young woman while driving drunk, a case that triggered public outrage after reports that he invoked his father's name to avoid responsibility.

Divorced actress Yao outdoes Oprah

2011-01-29 08:47:25

Actress Yao Chen on Friday became the first Chinese micro-blogger to have more than 5 million followers, even more than US mega-celebrity Oprah Winfrey - underlining the rapid growth of the platform in China.

Small fireworks workshops blamed for faulty products

2011-01-28 08:13:39

The latest national governmental investigation into the safety of fireworks production found that more than half of the fireworks made by small workshops are unsafe, despite the country's best efforts to protect the public, a senior official said.

Report: China's crisis responses are lacking

2011-01-28 07:44:14

Events that constituted a "public crisis" occurred every five days on average in China in 2010, and the country needs to become better at dealing with them, according to a report from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.