3 arrested over Shanghai steamed bun scandal

2011-05-17 22:46:53

Three managers of a steamed bun production factory in Shanghai were officially arrested Tuesday for producing and selling shoddy products.

Public debate on drunk driving penalties

2011-05-17 17:35:11

More than two weeks after the amended Criminal Law took effect, which stipulates that drunk driving is a criminal offense, the Chinese public and legal experts are still debating the amendments.

E China runs short of power as summer nears

2011-05-16 21:35:07

With the summer heat drawing near, East China's Zhejiang province is reportedly experiencing the worst power outages in seven years, which is disrupting people's lives and squeezing industrial production.

Forbidden City's folly

2011-05-17 07:57:56

The burglary in one of the halls of the Forbidden City in Beijing on May 8 made the whole nation worried. None of the Forbidden City's precious relics should be in the hands of thieves.

Critics decry Forbidden City's club

2011-05-16 08:08:06

After coming under criticism last week for having security too lax to prevent the theft of precious artworks, the Palace Museum found itself in the center of a controversy again over the weekend.

'Dog-a-day' killer hounded by netizens

2011-05-13 08:15:26

A man, who claimed he would kill a dog a day in protest at the activists who had stopped a truck en route to a slaughterhouse a month ago, has quit his job amid overwhelming criticism from netizens.

Forbidden City's stolen reputation

2011-05-13 07:17:27

Questions remain over how historic site fell victim to theft, Jiang Xueqing and Zhang Yuchen report in Beijing.

Risk map shows parts of nation in most danger

2011-05-13 07:05:38

Eastern China is the most vulnerable part of the country - both economically and geologically - to the threat of natural disasters, according to a new national risk map.

Million dollar art heist at Palace Museum

2011-05-11 11:33:42

Police are hunting a thief who stole millions of dollars worth of art in an overnight heist at the famed Palace Museum in Beijing. Comments(14)

TV star caught drunken driving

2011-05-11 07:53:54

A Chinese pop singer, best known for his campus ballads, faces prison after he was caught drunken driving on Monday night in Beijing, police said on Tuesday.

One in three Beijingers a migrant worker

2011-05-06 07:39:18

The capital's population rose to 19.6 million in 2010, and a huge influx of migrants contributed to the growth, the city's statistics bureau said on Thursday.

One fifth of women sexually harassed

2011-05-04 07:22:31

One in five female respondents have experienced sexual harassment at work and most victims choose to stay silent about their ordeals or leave their jobs, according to a recent survey.