Swap sites for unwanted gifts growing

2011-02-22 07:50:10

Exchanging unwanted gifts given over the Spring Festival for more useful items can be big business for netizens who have been scouring online swap sites over the past few weeks.

Housing and social security top issues

2011-02-22 07:32:31

"Livelihood issues", including an improved social security system and the provision of affordable housing, remain the top concerns of Chinese people.

Head of elite Chinese university jailed

2011-02-21 20:00:05

A former leader of a prestigious Chinese university in central China's Hubei province has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for taking bribes, the Legal Daily reported Monday.

Charity transparency criticised

2011-02-21 07:10:52

Charity in China is still receiving harsh criticism from the general public because of the slow progress being made in making it more transparent despite the fact that people's enthusiasm for philanthropy has risen ever since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

School's out for city's 300 missing teachers

2011-02-18 07:14:14

More than 300 teachers at public schools in a city in Central China have been missing from the classroom for the past two years but have still been claiming their government paychecks, according to an article from Xinhua News Agency.

Micro bloggers in focus

2011-02-17 16:58:40

A woman was charged 3,900 yuan by China Unicom for tweeting via her smart phone from Moscow last December, and it was called the "most expensive micro blog ever."

Lectures to help residents get justice

2011-02-17 07:03:36

Residents of this city can now attend legal lectures and counseling to learn how to obtain just compensation from developers who expropriate their land and force them to move.

7 found hiding in bus luggage hold

2011-02-16 15:26:17

Seven people were found hiding in the luggage compartment of a passenger bus on the Yongjin Expressway in Jinhua city, East China’s Zhejiang province

Scammers fake debts, stage lawsuits to get cars

2011-02-16 07:17:41

Online articles have been suggesting collaborations between used car sellers and buyers that involve lawsuits over fake debts to circumvent the capital's license plate issuance limits.

Parents blamed for begging, performing

2011-02-15 06:55:00

Parents should be temporarily deprived of their custody rights if they are found renting out their children to beg on the streets, a leading activist against child begging said. Man putting brakes on trafficking of children

Mainland buyers snap up baby milk powder

2011-02-14 07:05:18

GUANGZHOU - Macao is following Hong Kong in reporting a shortage of, and price increases for, infant and baby milk powder, with visitors and smugglers from the mainland snapping up stocks during the Chinese new year holiday.

Greater efforts to rescue child beggars

2011-02-12 07:53:40

An online campaign to publish photos of child beggars is assisting authorities to crack down on gangs that kidnap children and to help reunite kidnapped children with their families.