Child attains high post in school, becomes star

2011-05-04 08:24:50

Tucking his hands into his pants pockets, the steadfast looking 13-year-old Huang Yibo - better known as the deputy chief of all Wuhan city's young pioneers - poses like a professional politician for most photographs.

One fifth of women sexually harassed

2011-05-04 07:22:31

One in five female respondents have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to a recent survey.

'Home Inns fire result of arson'

2011-05-03 08:12:21

Local authorities suggest arson was the cause of a hotel fire that killed 10 and injured 46 others in Tonghua city in Northeast China's Jilin province on early Sunday morning.

4 Shanghai officials punished in dyed bun scandal

2011-04-30 08:15:31

Four officials in Shanghai have been punished for dereliction of duty in relation to a recent food safety scandal involving steamed buns, local authorities said Friday.

Oil giant under new fire for extravagance

2011-04-29 08:19:23

A subsidiary of the China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) breached the group's internal rules by handing out millions of yuan in bonuses to executives and employees between 2008 and 2010.

Science cop's wife called plagiarizer

2011-04-29 07:47:50

Fang Zhouzi, the high-profile writer who is known as the "science cop" because of his battles against pseudo-science and academic fraud, found his own family at the receiving end of such allegations.

Beijing orders safety overhaul after deadly blaze

2011-04-28 21:39:17

Fire authorities in Beijing said Thursday that they have ordered a citywide overhaul of fire control measures after a building blaze earlier this week left 18 people dead and two dozen others injured.

British royal family orders Chinese wedding gift

2011-04-28 11:33:23

Counting down to the royal wedding of British Prince William and his girlfriend of nine years, Kate Middleton, the royal family has picked a stone carving from China for the couple, Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.

Growing concern over school milk program 

2011-04-28 07:31:53

A national school milk program intended to improve children's health has soured again.

Reckless driver arrested for leaving 5 dead

2011-04-27 20:23:46

A truck driver in central China was arrested Wednesday on a charge of endangering public safety after his reckless driving left five dead and six injured.

Tests: Milk did not send students to hospital

2011-04-27 07:43:59

No pathogenic bacteria were detected in milk that sent students to a hospital on Friday. Tests said students' way of drinking was the likely culprit. And seperately in Chongqing, melamine-tainted milk was seized.

One billion yuan in donations from a billionaire

2011-04-27 08:07:40

A Chinese billionaire who donated more than 1 billion yuan ($153 million) to charity last year won the title of China's top philanthropist on Tuesday.