Trending news across China on Sept 29

Updated: 2013-09-29 11:36


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Name sharing couple

Trending news across China on Sept 29

A couple who have been married for 21 years share the same name, Chen Bin, which has given their life a mix of fun and embarrassing moments. Mr. and Mrs. Chen were high school classmates, which then began a period of name-inspired mistakes. On a recent trip, a hotel receptionist was surprised after they showed their identification cards upon check-in, causing some funny confusing at the hotel. (

LEGO-like building

Trending news across China on Sept 29

Guangzhou has made headlines once again for another one of its bizarre-looking buildings. The new building currently under construction looks like a toy LEGO creation, according to residents in the capital city of Guangdong province, who were amazed with a copper-coin shaped building that was recently unveiled. (