Video clip of China's 'Urban Dream' shown in Times Square

Updated: 2013-09-06 21:15

By Yu Ran (

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A video clip that showed a painting of a serene Chinese landscape transformed into a Chinese skyscraper was displayed to passers-by in New York's Times Square on Friday, reported

The building, named Smart Hero Central Park Plaza, was not a dream but a real building located in Beijing's central business district.

The architect Ma Yansong designed the green building, integrating the concept of urban landscape and the harmonious relationship of man and nature.

The modern design provides a blueprint for China's "Urban Dream" and fully embraces the upcoming era of the China Dream, which China shares with the world.

It was the second time a Chinese-related video was shown in Times Square, dubbed the "Crossroads of the World". In 2011, the Chinese government showed a clip of a promotion video on one of the square's LED jumbotrons.

However, it was the first time that a privately owned enterprise has lit up their screen with a China-related video.