Xi's trip to promote win-win cooperation

Updated: 2013-08-28 21:04


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Promoting SCO cooperation for security, development, prosperity

Xi's attendance at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit on September 13 will enhance cooperation among SCO members in politics, security, economy and society.

Firstly, cooperation on security is important and urgent against the backdrop of the fast-changing global situation and complex relations between major countries.

The enduring turbulence in West Asia and North Africa has exerted negative influence on neighboring regions. Meanwhile, the SCO is facing severe cyber security threats, rampant international organized crime and the restless "three evil forces" of terrorism, extremism and separatism.

"Cooperation on security is always the SCO's core function and priority," Pan Guang, director of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies Center at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, told Xinhua.

Cooperation in this regard is fruitful, added Pan, noting that China conducted joint anti-terrorism drills with Russia and Kyrgyzstan respectively in July and August.

The upcoming summit will strengthen regional anti-terrorism forces and promote more practical and effective development of the border defense cooperation mechanism.

Secondly, SCO member countries should take advantage of their economic complementarity to deepen cooperation and revitalize their economies.

Backdropped by an unstable world economy in recent years, the SCO has calibrated its policies to deepen regional economic cooperation, safeguard security in finance, energy and food, improve the livelihood of the people and reduce poverty.

Pan suggested that the SCO prioritize the building of infrastructure networks and cooperation mechanisms for development finance.

Currently, China is promoting the construction of a regional network of railways, roads, aviation, telecommunications, power and energy, to facilitate logistics, trade and investment and boost economic growth.

Meanwhile, the SCO has started to build financial cooperation mechanisms such as development banks for joint projects, which will provide broad prospects and lasting dynamics for future cooperation in a variety of areas among its member states.

In addition, the summit will hold talks to promote cooperation and exchanges at multilateral and bilateral levels on science and technology, education, tourism, health, disaster relief and environmental protection.