People with disabilities face trouble finding jobs

Updated: 2012-07-19 09:40


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Zhang Haidi, chairwoman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, spoke to journalists about her work from home and aboard on Monday.

"What we are facing now is still a complicated and tough situation," Zhang said at a meeting organized by the China Journalist Association.

She mainly talked about seven subjects having to do with the programs' development, among which finding employment for people with disabilities is the most difficult.

 Zhang said the difficulties of finding a job and contending with workplace discrimination were mmong the struggles of people with disabilities,

Official statistics show that China is home to 85 million people with disabilities of one or another type. They make up 6.34 percent of the population.

China plans to help 13 million people with disabilities through the use of important rehabilitation programs.

According to the China Disabled Persons' Federation, China in the past five years has added jobs for about 1.8 million people with disabilities who are living in urban places and ensured that more than 6.1 million impoverished people with disabilities have livelihoods.