Elderly man fights for anti-drug awareness

Updated: 2012-06-25 19:14


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Wang Qingquan, 80, has for the last 15 years devoted most of his life to bringing about anti-drug awareness, Xinhua reported Monday.

Wang, from Gaoling county, Shannxi province, was credited among Top 10 anti-drug volunteers in 2007.

When Wang was asked why he does it he said his elder brother used drugs to ease pain from a disease he was suffering from and was addicted to drugs before he died years later.

Wang said his brother had spent most of the family's fortune to buy drugs and later when their father fell ill they couldn't afford to get him medical treatment and he died in his 50's.

One day in 1997, Wang was stimulated after seeing a group of drug addicts were sent to a drug relief reformatory.

Wang said it was then that he realized that bringing about awareness of the dangers of drugs is the key to anti-drug.

Since then he has started to collect newspapers about the harms of drugs, make billboards and go to school to publicize the dangers of drug-abuse.

He also has launched a bulletin on anti-drug, has issued 1,600 periods and has sent out 26,740 copies.

"Anti-drug is important work. As long as my body is ok, I will go ahead with the work," he said.