China tightens measures to treat ocean pollution

Updated: 2013-01-11 14:42


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BEIJING - China's State Oceanic Administration on Thursday set out how it will mete out strict environmental protection measures in Bohai Sea areas as part of the country's attempt to curb ocean pollution.

These measures, including strictly limiting commercial exploitation in the sea and carrying out oceanic restoration projects, will help accelerate the recovery of Bohai Bay, which was seriously dirtied by oil spilled from a subsidiary of the United States-based oil company ConocoPhillips in 2011, according to the SOA.

"Environmental pressure from the ocean pollution hasn't been relieved much, which in the long run will shake the foundation for stable economic and social development in coastal regions," said the SOA head Liu Cigui.

Liu said the SOA will work out a sound oceanic ecological appraisal system nationwide and actively promote compensation for damage to oceanic zoology.

The administration will also slash the amount of pollutants allowed to enter the ocean, and improve the environmental assessment system regarding oceanic engineering projects.

It will ban projects that are likely to seriously damage the oceanic environment.